What we do


Over 300+ Networks covering 1.2billion Gamers.

Our contacts stretch far into the network marketing field and operate on many conversions, from tradional CPM & CPC right the way through to CPA/CPS/CPFTL  and CPL. Out network contacts cover 1.2billion gamers and consumers worldwide, and can drive massive traffic to your product ensuring your game or product makes money for you.


Development is execution, we know how.

Not everyone is the right developer, we don’t want you to waste time looking for the devs you need. Alpha goes further, we know the people to make your dev happen to your budget. We’ve created massive products, and small ones too – and know that brand and function are what it takes to be successful. We’d love to build or improve your business.

Fund Raising

Technology driven and strong in support.

We create products that enable users to access your company’s services or products across every device, but we also love to help you reach your potential, we’ve raised private equity finance from some of our extensive contacts in both VC and Angel’s in the UK. We’d love to help find your investors.


Our Clients

Studio A Amazon British Army British Gas Binumi Betify EmailMagpie CityFalcon Epic Games Featuremap Ginny Litscher GamerDating.com Joor Paperclip National Grid Mercedes Benz Recruits Game Square Market Ruffena Rackspace Cloud Shonect

Some of Our Work

Recruits Game Huddle Recruit Joor Square Market Paperclip BetifyX DeepSine Studio A Ruffena Amazon Ruffena Rackspace Cloud Amazon Featuremap


  • " Alpha is straight to the point whether it’s about putting the right people in place, evaluating marketing strategy, refining financial models or raising investment. Their experience, input and quality of contacts is what we needed to raise our first round and we’ve done just that! "

    Sam Huber - Founder 'Betify'
  • " After only 2 month’s Alpha landed me a contract with the worlds largest online wholesaler,
    we’re now expanding to a reach of nearly 55thousand stores in the EU and US!
    Great guys "

    Ginnie - 'Ginnie Litscher'
  • " With 12 of the largest networks in the world, ontop of private investment, fulfilment, product development, advertising, a massive sales team and a reach that extends further than the traditional fund. Alpha plugged every gap we had – and then some! "

    Andrew Goudie - 'GamerDating'
  • " A very professional studio. Patient and take time to listen to your requirements before rushing to work. They’re willing to make changes based on your feedback, ensuring that everything exceeds your expectations before final submission of work. Professional designers that listen and output quality work "

    Roy LiZhen- 'Massive'
  • " Brilliant work done, Models and animations are exactly according to requirements. everything was perfect. no problem in communications, very friendly experience.
    Overall it was lots of fun "

    Waqas Ali - 'Raptor Games'

The Alphas

Alexander Brown

Alexander Brown

Alexander has 11 years experience in the gaming industry and e-sports world. In the past he has worked as e-sports manager for MMORPG.com and RTSGURU.com. His involvement with Alchemic Dream communities developed his raw passion for games into a professional outlook, he specializes interpreting complex community attitudes to a focused and manageable understanding. Alexander has a wide range of experience with web design. Alexander is both co-founder of Alpha and GamerDating.

James Palmer

James Palmer

James is both Founder of Alpha and GamerDating.  Seeing the opportunity presented by so many disruptive companies coming up around him, he is obsessed with massive growth and sustainable development. All clients inside Alpha are approved by James to have a certain “Massive Growth Potential”, that is – modelling companies who potentially will reach at least £100mil – £1billion valuation mark after 6 years of involvement.

Max Heath-Brown

Max Heath-Brown

Max has over 25 years experience in the games industry from traditional retail through to MMO’s. He oversaw the releases of Wing Commander, the Ultima Series, The Sims, the 1st Mario titles on Gameboy, Sensible Soccer, Chessmaster and other titles from the Garriott Bros, Maxis, Bitmap Bros, and many others. Responsible for sales and operations, releasing Guild wars, City of Heroes and Lineage totaling over some $54million for NCSoft alone.

Anakin Ryan

Anakin Ryan

Game artist, highly experienced texture artist, render artist, 3d modeller. Anakin brings 10 years of fluency in Unity, CryEngine and Unreal Engine. As well as tooling his trade through both military contracts and video games – He brings to Alpha the anchor for the team behind our 3D projects. He’s created huge environments and countless props and rigged animated characters, for Unity Games, applications and augmented reality.

Melissa Walter

Melissa Walter

Melissa heads up Alpha.gg’s Sales team as a Founding member. Formally of Zones and bought originally into GamerDating, her and her team have a firm background in Technology sales. Regularly closing contracts in excess of $100,000 with clients such as Microsoft and Adobe, she and her team specialize in B2B Sales that complete any businesses need’s to expand. She heads Alpha’s team West Coast USA giving access to massive clients, Stateside.

Kim Huggens

Kim Huggens

Kim Huggens is a published writer, proofreader, editor, and copy writer of 11 years experience, specializing in proofreading magazine articles, academic papers and website copy. She has worked for various publishing companies and freelance, and in her spare time writes non-fiction articles and books. Her editing and proofreading expertise falls in gaming journalism, arts and humanities with interests in philosophy, ancient history, religion and folklore.

Rene Magri

Rene Magri

Rene has held senior and Directorial management positions in affiliate marketing companies, founding Clear Lead from scratch with up to 20 employees at any point in time. His commissions have been as large as Vodaphone and as varied as NeverBlue. He has worked as a Consultant with many companies in the past years, ranging from Gambling, Telecoms, Events, NGO’s, Media & Advertising, Recruitment, EU Funds, Technology Consultancy and more. 

Paul Burgess

Paul Burgess

Paul has 35 years commercial experience largely in the tech space. Starting his career as a developer, then a software salesman, he has founded 3 startups and was until 2011 CEO of an international banking software house. His Specialist areas for Alpha include Fund Raising, Investment Readiness and the Tech Market.

Adam Yoder

Adam Yoder

Adam has over 4 years of web development and design training and practice. Studied at the Art Institute of Portland and is constantly learning new and fun development tricks on his own. Core coding langauges: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, MySQL. Other Technical skills include: C++, C++ Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Visual FX and Motion Graphics, Video Editing, 3D Design, Modeling, Animation, Motion Capture, Graphic Design.

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